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                                                      YES-PAR Awards

                                                              Personal Achievement Recognition


YES-Athletics takes a much different approach, than other organizations, when in comes to local

events and awards.  The YES-Athletics approach is unique.  For example, awards are not offered

at local events.  This keeps the cost of participating in local events low (sometimes FREE), which

makes it possible for smaller clubs to host local events who otherwise would not be able to do so

because of the cost of paying for awards and other event expenses such as facility rental, etc.


However, we realize it is very appropriate to recognize the personal achievements of young children. 

We believe it is more important to recognize personal achievement than it is to recognize who wins,

who is faster, or who can jump or throw the farthest - - - especially when it involves young children. 


Therefore, the E-wards Service was created in 2012 to provide parents (and clubs) with the

option of providing their young children and members of their club with personal recognition based

on personal achievement.   Parents and Club Coordinators get to decide what they want printed

on the Personal Achievement Recognition (PAR) award to make it personal and specific to your

child's accomplishment.  Each YES-PAR Award is personalized through the E-wards Service.


Here's how the E-wards Service works:

(1)  Choose the YES-PAR Award on this page that you want to order for your child/club member.

       Make note of the Item Number.  You will need the Item Number when placing your order.

(2)  Go to your club's or team's webpage.  - - -

       Parents - - - you'll need your club's or team's ID Number and Access Code in order to login.

(3) When you login, you'll be at the entrance to the "Connection Store".  Click on your child's name.

      After you click on your child's name you will be taken directly into the "Connection Store".

(4) At the top of the "Connection Store" window click on the "Results and Recognition" tab.

(5) Find the meet and result(s) that you would like to have personalized on your child's "PAR Award".

(6) Select the YES-PAR Award from the dropdown menu that is to the right of the desired event.

(7) Process the payment for your child's award.  Your order will be shipped within a few days.


Parents and Club Coordinators know their kids and which kids deserve to be recognized. 


        E-wards Service  - - -  Personal - Affordable - Recognition  - - - YES-PAR Awards





PAR Awards are ordered on-line through

the YES-Connect USA store.




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