your child's personal connection to a healthy lifestyle™




live as healthy as possible

for as long as possible™

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the next generation of youth sports™

YES-Running™ - - - it's how kids PLAY™

YES-Exercise™ - - -  is a lifestyle™


For kids, what's the most natural type of exercise they do on the playground or at home in the neighborhood?

That's right - - - RUNNING.  - - - So, why not make RUNNING even more fun through

Games, Exercise & Teamwork with Fun Integrated Training™



your child's personal CONNECTION to a healthy lifestyle™


The YES-GET FIT System™ was developed specifically for local Club ENDURO USA™ E-Teams.

Each Club ENDURO™ E-Team has four players (your child and three of his/her friends).

The purpose of each Club ENDURO USA™ E-Team is to provide an opportunity

 for each child (and parent) to develop a strong personal desire to

 live as healthy as possible - for as long as possible™.

It's a GREAT idea!


The games that kids play do not have to be a "sport". 

They can simply be games that are fun to PLAY,

that are played outside, that include running.

YES-GET FIT™ turns running into fun, and

  ENDURO Games™ into a sport of their own.


   the next generation of youth sports™



Games, Exercise & Teamwork with Fun Integrated Training™


Typical weekly GET FIT schedule:

Monday - Run Day (independent)

Tuesday - Team Practice (Play) Day

Wednesday - Run Day (independent)

Thursday - Team Practice (Play) Day

Friday - Run Day (independent)

Saturday - Certification Day


Saturday - Game Day

Sunday - Rest Day


YES-GET FIT™ Play Day (Practice)

Play Day (practice) is simply a parent organized "activities day" on the playground or other suitable

and safe property.  Play Day (practice) is organized and supervised by the parents of each Team. 

YES-Athletics™ encourages each Team to run, play and practice on natural grass.  Exercise

is a lifestyle and playing on grass is the best way to enjoy this lifestyle for a lifetime.  So,

avoid hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and track surfaces as much as possible. 


"Team Up with Team Parents"   

"Team-up" with the parents who have a child on your Team, and decide where and when to meet for practice.

By "teaming-up" with other families that you TRUST, each parent (family) can take turns picking up

the other teammates to go to Practice and then returning them home.  For example, each parent

could provide a full month of practices for their child and only have to coordinate transportation

for the team 2 days each month, which is practical for almost any parent's work schedule.

(Each Club ENDURO™ Team should have only four team members - - - your child + 3 others.)


YES-GET FIT Play Day should be one hour that's set aside (on at least two days each week)

so each child can train while playing E-Ball™ and other running games.  It's recommended

to have 2 or 3 team practice days each week, with a very specific Run Day in between.

Practice includes activities that support good running technique and conditioning.

The unique and fun E-GAMES™ are at the center of YES-Integrated-training.


Practice should be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  However, if your

child's team is scheduled for a Certification/Game Day on Saturday,

practice should only be on Tuesday and Thursday that week.

Sunday should be a Rest Day, with no physical activity

that causes the heart rate (beats per minute) to go

above the normal standing heart rate.



It's recommended to schedule Run Days for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Run days are part of the YES-GET FIT System™.  Run Days include a "long" run, varied by

the duration (length) of the run and the intensity (speed) of the run. Remember, "long" runs are relative

to the age, ability and goals of the runner.  Also, "long" runs need to be specific to the type of training desired.


A feature of this system is to train young runners "from the speed side up".  For additional information on

Run Days, and the desired duration and intensity of those runs, contact your Club Coordinator. 

Each team member can complete their Run Day on their own (or with a teammate) - - -

- - - at home (before or after school), at school during recess or P.E., etc.


YES-GET FIT™ Certification Days

Certification Day is usually on Saturday.  Your child should be rested and ready to run.

If your child has completed a previous Certification Day, he/she will have an official Best Certified Time™.

Personal improvement is a fun and rewarding goal.  Each time your child improves their Best Certified Time,

he/she will be proud, with even more self-confidence.  And, you (the parent) will know your child is getting results.


It is important not to have a Certification Day more than once each month.  A scheduled Certification Day once

every other month or once each season will give you the information you need.  You can also include an

unofficial "Certification Day" during practice so your club/team can practice and gain consistency

running the specific distances that are used on the official Certification Days.


YES-GET FIT™ Game Days

Game Days are usually on Saturdays.  Your child should be rested and ready to play on Game Day.

On Game Day, your child can participate in E-Ball™ which is part of the YES-GET FIT™ System.


You can call our game "ENDURO-Ball™"  -  "ENDURANCE-Ball™"  -  or simply "E-Ball™ for short.

E-Ball™ is played four against four.  E-Ball™ rules are unique and allow for the use of feet only.

This unique ENDURO Game was created to develop speed and endurance, plus a lot of FUN.

Remember, the more endurance young children develop, the healthier they can become.


YES-GET FIT™ Rest Days


Rest Day should be on Sunday in the 7-day weekly training cycle.  This day is as important as the other days

in the YES-GET FIT System™.  There should be no activity on this day that causes the heart rate to

go higher than 15 BPM higher than normal standing heart rate. "Rest" means complete rest.

YES-Exercise is a lifestyle™


Games, Exercise & Teamwork with Fun Integrated Training™


The system that integrates training with having FUN,

because it's important for young children to PLAY.



your child's personal CONNECTION to a healthy lifestyle™


Club ENDURO USA™ - - - parents being parents and kids being kids -

with just the right amount of organization added in - - - and, it's affordable.


dedicated to the next generation

- and -

 Simply Having Fun™





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