your child's personal connection to a healthy lifestyle




live as healthy as possible

for as long as possible

- - -   It's a GREAT idea.   - - -


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ENDURO Health Habits

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ENDURO Health Habits

the next generation of youth sports

YES-Running - - - it's how kids PLAY

YES-Exercise - - -  is a lifestyle


Youth ENDURO Sports (known as YES-Athletics)

has, as its Top Priority, the long-term health of young children.

Just like the safety of a child is the direct responsibility of each child's parents,

 the health of each child is also the direct responsibility of the child's parents.

Club ENDURO USA is the YES-Athletics program that "partners" with

parents of young children who want to fulfill this important responsibility.


The purpose of each Club ENDURO USA Team is to encourage

each child (and parent) to develop a strong personal desire to

live as healthy as possible - for as long as possible.

It's a GREAT idea!


Our belief is that each person can live for a very long time, and can be healthy throughout

their entire lifetime.  This belief is now under attack by the health trends of the next generation. 

However, we've decided to fight back.  Our "plan of attack" starts with the understanding that the

health habits that each person adopts at a young age will (more than likely) remain that person's

health habits for a lifetime.  So, it's important to start life with HABITS that support long-term health.


You may have noticed that the word "ENDURO" is used throughout this website.  It's part of the name

of our non-profit youth sports organization.  (Youth ENDURO Sports, Inc.)  The word "ENDURO", by

definition, means - "a long race".  The unique definition we've, therefore, given to ENDURO Health is:

a life-long race for long-term health

ENDURO Health has become our health objective - which is supported by our belief (repeated here):

"each person can live for a very long time, and can be healthy throughout their entire lifetime."


The ENDURO Health Habits (below) will help every child enjoy a successful start to their personal

life-long race for long-term health

Remember - - - every child can now be CONNECTED (with their friends) to ENDURO Health.

  through a local Club ENDURO USA Team of their own.

your child's personal CONNECTION to a healthy lifestyle


Parents who have young children who are members of a local Club ENDURO will be reminded

about the following ENDURO Health Habits on a regular basis.  These reminders will

come in a variety of ways in an effort to help parents integrate simple habits

that will result in their children being safer, healthier and happier.


 ENDURO Health Habits


real food

eat food that your body recognizes as food


adequate water

drink plenty of water each day


quality exercise

make active PLAY your family's lifestyle


restful sleep

kids age 7 to 12 need 8 hours of restful sleep - minimum!




- - -  Live as healthy as possible for as long as possible  - - -

and, never - EVER forget how to

PLAY and have FUN.


YES-Parents are the key.


dedicated to the next generation

- and -

 Simply Having Fun










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