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The purpose of each YES-Athletics program is to CONNECT your child to "Long-Term Health", and to

be an active partner in the effort to have every child in the United States connected to a healthy lifestyle.

                                                         YES Connect USA


The "YES-Connect" link above will take you to the YES-Athletics "Connection Store" so you can connect

your child to YES-Athletics.  Once your child's YES-Athletics membership is paid, he/she is "Connected"

to YES-Athletics (and a healthy lifestyle) for the entire membership year.  (Aug 1 - July 31 of the following year)


In order to login and CONNECT your child to YES-Athletics and a healthy lifestyle you need your club's

current Club ID Number and Access Code.  When you first log into the YES-Connect Store, you will find

the entrance to the "Connections Store" where you click on your child's name and enter the store to:

    - Pay for your child's annual YES-Athletics memberships (join YES-Athletics);

    - Pay Entry Fees (for local events);                       

    - ETC.                 

If your child is not listed at the top of Entrance to the "Connection Store" or at the bottom of the window in the

section for "Connection Members", please contact your Club/Team Coordinator (account holder) for assistance.  


Please contact your club's YES-Connect USA Coordinator for your club's ID Number and Access Code.



Instructions for Club Coordinators:


If a member of your club will be participating in YES-Athletics events (including practice), he/she must be

listed on your club's official, YES-Roster with a Member Status of "YES".  Clubs must enter their members

in YES-Athletics events on-line through YES-Roster on or before the DEADLINE.  "Day of" and "on site"

entries are NOT permitted.  Clubs/Teams are required to have a signed copy of the YES-Athletics individual

membership form on file for club members before the member can be added to the club's official on-line roster.








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