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If you're standing on the railroad tracks and a train is coming - at FULL SPEED,

don't you think it makes good sense to get off the tracks BEFORE the train hits you?


This is the situation that now exists concerning the health of the next generation.  If the next generation remains on

the same "tracks" they are currently on (health-wise), their generation will become the most unhealthy generation

in the history of the United States.  Medical experts are now stating that the life expectancy of young children

will be shorter than the previous generation (their parents).  With the level of physical activity decreasing

from one generation to the next, the prospect of enjoying long-term health is also decreasing. 

Solution:  YES-Connect USA™.

your child's personal CONNECTION to a healthy lifestyle™


Neither politicians nor the government can fix this problem.  But, parents and local volunteers can. 

It's time for parents (and local volunteers) to CONNECT every child (in their neighborhood) to a

healthy - active lifestyle through simple, affordable activities that require minimal planning

and structure, that are fun for every child regardless of personality or physical ability.


Young children need to be active with their friends, and simply allowed to PLAY.

Children have a natural emotional need to "belong", and a natural physical

need to simply play.  These natural needs are CONNECTED through

YES-Connect USA™ - and - Club ENDURO USA™

Simply Having Fun™


The purpose of Youth ENDURO Sports™ programs is to


young children to "Long-Term Health" by being an active partner with parents

and local volunteers in the effort to CONNECT every child to a healthy lifestyle.


 Club ENDURO USA™ -  -  -  your child's personal CONNECTION to a healthy lifestyle™




The word “ЄNDURO” means - a long race.  The effort that's needed to help today’s children become a healthy

generation will be "a long race”.  Our definition of ЄNDURO Health™:  a life-long race for long-term health™.

We believe very child must be successful in their personal, day-to-day "Race for long-term health".











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