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Important Notice for PARENTS of Club & Team Members:

Once you're child is added (by your club or E-Team) to

the club's or E-Team's Official On-line Roster, you

can log into YES-Connect USA™ through the

YES-Connect USA™ webpage to process

your child's YES-Athletics™ membership.




  the Youth ENDURO Sport of Exercise™

your child's personal CONNECTION to a healthy lifestyle™

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- - -  YES E-Teams™ - - -


It's important to understand how Club ENDURO USA™ (and E-Teams) are organized.

YES-Athletics™ appoints a local Club Coordinator (volunteer) for each Club ENDURO™.

Parents can then form a YES E-Team and apply to join the local club.  E-Teams have four

players who are the same gender & grade.  Once the team has four players who want to be

a member of that team (who's parents agree) their Team (and its four members) can request a

Team Membership in the local Club ENDURO™.

Once the Team Membership is approved, their team is part of Club ENDURO USA™.

You can request a Team membership by going to our on-line entries website: 

(Click on the link for YES-Athletics™ meets.)


There's no cost for an E-Team to join a local Club ENDURO™.  However, team members must

be a member of YES-Athletics™, and MUST be listed on the team's official on-line roster.

If a Club ENDURO™ Coordinator has not been established by YES-Athletics™ in

your area, please contact YES-Athletics™. YES-Athletics™ will work with local

parents to appoint a Coordinator, and form a local Club ENDURO™.

Club ENDURO USA™ - - - It's how kids (and parents) PLAY™.

We don't practice. - - - We PLAY.™


There is no limit on the number of teams within each club.  However, teams

may only be allowed to join a local club at specific times during the year

to allow for proper club/league scheduling.  All Club ENDURO™ Teams

are sanctioned through Youth ENDURO Sports, Inc. (YES-Athletics™).


Teams practice and compete together, with a Team Leader (parent) who organizes

all team practices and team activities.  Parents can take turns as their Team's Leader.

Each Team meets at any convenient location with an open field, such as a park, a church,

a school playground - - - anywhere children can safely run and play -  preferably on grass.


Parents - - - team up with other parents to help make your child's team a success.

By teaming up with other families that you TRUST, each parent (family) can take turns picking up

the other teammates to go to Practice and then returning them home.  For example, each parent

could provide a full month of practices for their child and only have to coordinate transportation

for the team 2 days each month, which is practical for almost any parent's work schedule.

(Each YES E-Team should have only four team members - - - your child + 3 others.)

So, "TEAM UP" for your kids, and join the FUN.


Approximate cost of fees:

Game Day (club level):  no cost

Game Day (league level):  $4/team - per Game Day

Certification Day:  $2/team member - per Certification Day

For a Team Application, please visit the membership page for individuals.




Important Notice for Club & Team Coordinators:

Once you have listed the members of your club

or team on your Official On-line Roster you

can provide parents with your club's

ID Number and Access Code

 for YES-Connect USA™.







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